2010 Journey East: Some numbers

I'm rather fond of keeping meticulous data about various things and the list of such things certainly contains statistics about my car. Having finished the trip east, here are some numbers from the trip:

  • Odometer leaving San Francisco, CA: 1715
  • Odometer arriving Austin, TX: 3532
  • Odometer leaving Austin, TX: 3540
  • Odometer arriving Atlanta, GA: 4730
  • Odometer leaving Atlanta, GA: 4730
  • Odometer arriving Concord, MA: 5837
  • Odometer leaving Concord, MA: 5850
  • Odometer arriving Woods Hole, MA: 5947

The following numbers are a little off because I started and finished with partially full tanks of fuel:

Total diesel consumed: ~115 gallons Total cost of fuel: ~$340

The astute reader will notice that I have been getting fuel economy in the upper thirties of miles per gallon. This is correct and, when observed on a more granular level it does seem to be showing a trend upwards, though that trend is likely not statistically significant. As I intend to continue measuring my fuel consumption for the life of my car, I will be able to give better data later, when I am more than 6000 miles and 15 tanks of fuel in.