Is it wrong to make the same wish on two shooting stars?

One of the nice things about Woods Hole is that there are few enough lights that you can see the stars in the sky. It's really quite pleasant to be out on a moonless night and see so very many stars scattered across the skies.

Sometimes, being in San Francisco, I forget how nice it is to go for an evening walk through empty, dark streets, with trees to the sides and stars above.

To get back to the titular question, I've been seeing quite a few shooting stars--I think that I'm up to five since getting here--and I've always liked the tradition of wishing on shooting stars. Being as I am, I don't really put much merit in wishing, except insofar as planting things in one's own subconscious can be beneficial, but I also rather enjoy harmless, meaningless superstition from time to time. Of course, when things come down to superstition, etiquette really takes on a strong role but etiquettes of superstition tend to vary greatly. I find, that there are relatively few things that I would actually want to wish for and that number has already been overcome by the number of shooting stars that I have seen.

Is it poor form to reuse a wish on a new shooting star?