I did NOT coin the term wiki-hole

Before making any claims to having coined a term, it is generally a good idea to check that no one else has used the term before. Having just spent three hours and change reading through articles on the Warhammer 40K Wiki (what can I say, I like super far future science fiction), I couldn't help but feel like I'd been stuck in a black hole of trivial knowledge. This wiki-triggered and wiki-fed hole in time was not a unique experience for me; I have fallen into these before on other wikis in the past.

Having freed myself, the term "wiki hole" came to mind as a perfect term to describe. Not wanting to make any (easily refutable) ridiculous claims, I performed a couple quick google searches (1 2) only to find that the term already exists. I can't say that I'm particularly surprised that someone else has already coined the term "wiki-hole"--it is phenomenally intuitive--but I am glad that my linguistic instincts were reasonable.