The Royal Armada

We (Liz, my sailing partner, and I) were out racing Tech Dinghys with the rest of the sailing team during practice yesterday when we noticed that one of the other dinghys had taken on a third person and hoisted a Jolly Roger. Observing the behavior of the pirate flag bearing boat, it was obvious they were trying to capsize other boats. Now, Liz and I, being the sorts of people that find such antics amusing, decided to play the role of the Royal Armada (you know, the people charged with preventing piracy). In order to prevent piracy we set a course directly for the pirate vessal. Unfortunately, the pirates saw us bearing down on them and a brief battle ensued, the end result of which involved no capsizing and the pirate vessal fleeing the scene. Having scared off the pirates, we got back to the race. A short while later, another opportunity arose, in which the pirates were assaulting another vessal and did not see us coming. Getting right up next to the pirate vessal, Liz took control of our dinghy and I hopped on the pirate bow. Grabbing the pirate vessal's mast, I was able to drag their boat over. The pirates abandoned ship and began an assault on our vessal. As the pirates were capsizing our boat, I righted theirs. Liz succeeded in climbing over the top of our boat, remaining mostly dry as it capsized and turtled. Having righted the pirate vessal and taken control of it, I shouted to Liz, who hopped in. At this point, we sailed off in the pirate vessal and left the pirates swimming along side our, completely turled, boat. by the time the pirates had gotten things working again, we had finished the race and were heading back to the dock.

If we were to score this based on people who went swimming, the final tally would be 3 points us, 1 point pirates. Oh man, we're awesome.

I ♥ Huckabees is spectacular

I just saw I ♥ Huckabees and it was a very strange trip through existential oddity. It was humorous at times, odd at others and made you really think about some things at other moments. This movie struck an interesting chord with me; I'm not sure what or where that chord is, but I can sure feel it vibrating around in me somewhere. I'll have to watch this movie again and I highly recommend that other people go see it for the first time.

Also, I would love to be an existential detective, though I'm not sure that I understand things enough just yet.

Story: 3/5
Quality: 5/5
Oddity: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Acting: 5/5
Philosophy: 4/5
Comedy: 3/5

Overall: 4.5/5


There are some Gideon's hanging out in front of MIT handing out Bibles today. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I love getting free Bibles from religous people on the street. I am now up to 1 Complete Bible, 1 New Testament in Russian and 1 New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs cobmo. It's only a bit of a start so far, but it's still a fun hobby and I plan to get more as opportunities arise.

"Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate"

"Plurality should not be posited without necessity." Such is what is commonly referred to as Occam's razor, which, I have to say, is a great little piece of philosophy. It turns out to be a central element of the thesis in a paper I'm in the middle of writing for my Justice class. My thesis is essentially that John Stuart Mill adds no necessity and a bunch of plurality to Jeremy Bentham's utilitarianism and that Mill's revision should be discarded.

Occam's razor is really great for arguing things like this because it's so well known and not too many people will directly argue against it. People are more likely to argue against your application of the razor instead of the razor itself.

Oh man, I love writing philosophy papers.

Ninja Gaiden: Destroyed

As of a day or so ago, I have finally destroyed the heck out of Ninja Gaiden. I have collected all 50 Scarabs to unlock the original Ninja Gaiden and I have shot the clock tower to get Ninja Gaiden II and found Ninja Gaiden III in the Aquaduct. It has been a long time coming and it is now done. Of course, I did beat the game on normal difficulty so I may, sometime far off, end up playing through again and beating it on a harder difficulty.

Victory is mine, time to go back to trying to destroy some other games, like Project Gotham Racing or such.

Things I found on my hard drive

I was rooting around my hard drives looking for amusing things to play with and I came across a couple of things I wrote in the past. One night I was driving around at 3 AM and then wrote me up a short little thing that I called At 3 AM. Another one I found was something that I wrote about having a Bad Day where one or two bad things happened to me and then I exaggerated a bunch of other stuff on top of it. The third, and last, thing that I found was something that I started writing which was meant to be an experiment in writing with a lot of side phrases in Parentheses.

I make no assertions about the quality of these compositions, but the first two are kind of fun and the third is kind of different. So yeah, stuff I wrote; enjoy.

Crummy Void Hard Drives

My main hard drive in thevoid died a few days ago. It's not a terribly bad thing because I didn't have any important data on it (that's kept on other drives), but it does mean that I'm out a 30GB hard drive and I have to reinstall my OS before I can use the computer again. Thankfully, I found an extra 20GB drive lying around in my room so I don't need to hunt a drive down before I can do anything. Basically it's just a pain in the neck and I have to wait for the weekend to do anything about it.

Being without a working computer in my room would be inconvenient if it weren't for Athena clusters on campus and balls-lounge in Senior House 433.

Osigwad is showing signs of trouble too, with occasional hard lock-ups and screen corruption. Also, my Xbox is being a fuck right now. All in all, my computer hardware is in the general mood of failure. Thankfully r-type is still working right now (otherwise you would not be reading this).

R.I.P. Tickles

Today is a sad day for the world, Mr. Tickles has died. Mr. Tickles was a friendly fish, loved by all who made his acquaintance. To some he was just a fish, to others he was always bigger than the time before, but to me he was my dear friend Tickles.

Tickles, I will remember you fondly for all the amusing times we have had. I will remember how I would sit and watch you swim around. I will remember the time you bit Kurt. I will remember how you would eat guppies with such glee when you were given the opportunity. I will remember how you would watch me at my computer. I will remember how you would swim around so excitedly at feeding time. I will remember how you would change colors so subtlely, confounding me until I realized that you could change colors. I will remember your ability to be constantly larger than you had been before. I will miss you Tickles.

Mr. Tickles was a Tiger Oscar Cichlid and died of a fungal infection this afternoon, Saturday, September 25th 2004, at about 1PM. Mr. Tickles died at the ripe age of 1 year old; he was 9 inches long at the time of his death, far more than the 3-4 inches of when we first met.