Just so that we're clear, I do know what topoisomerase does; it relieves strain in DNA helices by breaking apart one of the helices, unwinding the other helix a bit and then rebonding the broken helix. Also, I would like to point out that topoisomerase has a really awesome name. I think that it would be funny to hear some guy with a deep voice and a thick Japanese accent say topoisomerase.

No Memorizing...


I just had my second exam in Freshman/Senior Bio. today and I am strongly inclined to disagree with the statements earlier this term that biology classes have moved past memorization to a more scientific something or other. If it's moved on past memorization then why do I need to know what topoisomerase does? Ugh, sometimes I start to think that I'm liking Bio and then they go and pull this crap.

My Tax Proposal

I've been reading some of Milton Friedman's Capitalism And Freedom and, although I disagree with a lot of what he says, he does have a few good points. In reading some of his suggestions for a good system of taxation, I have gotten a few ideas and come up with a system of taxation that I like:

\begin{equation*} T = (I - C_{1}) * C_{2} \end{equation*}

It's a very simple system, \(T\) is how much money you have to pay in taxes annually, \(I\) is your annual income, \(C_{1}\) and \(C_{2}\) are constants to be determined by someone more understanding of economics than myself. In essence, you can earn up to \(C_{1}\) without being taxed and then anything beyond that is taxed at rate \(C_{2}\). Key issues with this system are that is must be taken as it is exactly and there must be no exceptions made; it does not matter where your income derives from, how many children you have or anything else, just your annual income.

One could also consider a different approach to the under \(C_{1}\) realm and use a negative tax scheme where individuals are paid a fraction of the amount they need to reach \(C_{1}\). For example, take \(C_{1}\) to be $50,000 and \(C_{2}\) to be 50%: individuals making more than $50,000 are taxed half of what they make beyond $50,000 and individuals making less than $50,000 are given half of the difference between their income and $50,000.

I would say that the second interpretation is a more "liberal" or "socialist" approach and can be taken or left based on that fact alone but that the first interpretation would make for a very good tax scheme that would be well liked by quite a few people. Personally, I'd like a \(C_{1}\) of $200,000 and a \(C_{2}\) of 50% but that's just me.

GRE = Annoying

I took me some GREs today; they weren't too bad, but they were pretty annoying. It took all this time and stuff. The positive aspects of taking the GRE today is that I can go in and talk to my advisor and see if he thinks my scores are good enough to apply to grad schools or if I should go take something again; I really don't want to take them again, it's expensive and annoying. The neat part about the new computer based testing is that they give you results for Verbal and Quantitative as soon as you finish. Not going to post my scores because this isn't high school anymore but I will say that I was pleased with my Quantitative score and have mixed feelings about my Verbal score.

GRE be done (as long as my advisor agrees). George out.

I'm sorry Mr. Fox

Last night I ran over a fox and, being as I am, I am rather displeased about the matter. I was driving on a smallish road and saw a fox to the right. The fox started running forward to evade the car so I gave him a wide berth but then he darted across the street trying to get past me and just went right under the wheels. It was really a very unpleasant sensation to feel the fox crushed under the car's wheels and it's left me a little bit unhappy about the whole thing. Yes, I know that death happens and that plenty of foxes are killed by cars and all sorts of things like that but I still don't like to kill something.

Perhaps I should have just come to a full stop and waited for the fox to run away. Of course, it was a poor move on the fox's part to dash out in front of a car. Damnit, I'm really displeased by this shit.

Sox Win

Oh man, the Red Sox won the ALCS Pennant and are going to the World Series. I really hope that the Red Sox win because it will be totally sweet. Also, if the Red Sox do win, there will probably be some pretty crazy rioting in Boston. Myself, I'm kind of mixed on the issue of rioting but, since I've never done so, I think it might be a fun thing to do at least once. This, of course, means that if the Sox win I am going to go out rioting. Also, Leslie wants to go rioting too so I think that we'll make a team effort out of the thing. As far as rioting goes, I really have only one goal: to be involved in the flipping of a car. I've never flipped a car and I think that it would be a fun thing to do at least once in my life.

Goodbye Eternal Parking Space

For those that have known the eternal parking space in front of Random Hall, take a moment to acknowledge its passing. Recently (within the past week) Cambridge upgraded many of the parking meters in the city from the old, insert quarter turn knob and hand moves type, to a newer, insert quarter and digital display counts up type. For those that do not know the eternal parking space, there was a parking meter in front of Random Hall which was broken such that it always registered about 3 minutes and no car there parked would be ticketed. This parking meter was broken before I arrived as a freshman and Riad claims that it had been broken for a long time before then. I guess that this marks the end of an era; goodbye eternal parking space.

Nonsense as a passtime

I've come up with a wonderful new passtime for when I to get bored in class or otherwise during the day, writing nonsense. It's a ton of fun to write and then it's kind of fun to read, although it lacks more than very short range coherence. Here is a short excerpt: soon coon moon toon buffoon interpretive dance romance chance clance manse rancid meat spontaneous generation swirl twirl curl divergence charge up a hill at the enemy who has entrenched in the superior position no matter we have more troops and your dog is expendable or perhaps your dog is expandable mandible click-clack giant ant flying into the mantis spongiform boast defeat in the realm of the manifest destiny collapse from sense to gibbering like four golf carts which we eat to cut down on excess protein put the spoon in your mouth...

Maybe I'll put more up later, but for now it serves to illustrate a point. Of course, feel free to call it crap, it very well may be, but I enjoy the act of writing it. It's mainly just word play and random word association mixed with a bit of stream of consciousness.