Riad has no blog

My friend Riad does not have a blog because he thinks that they are lame. The only thing that I can infer from such a statement is that he does not believe one should document their life on the internet. That having been said, he does keep a bunch of photos online that fairly well follow the activities of his life. Please keep in mind that even though it chronicles his life, it is not a blog. Thank you, that is all.

Funny Little Coincidence

It's 8a now; I woke up at 4a, watched Back to The Future with some of my peeps and I'm about to go back to sleep. There, that's the setting for you.

Before going back to sleep, I decided to glance at the various blogs of my various friends (ha ha, too much use of the word various). In looking at Amrys' blog. Specifically noting the new (as of now) entry, "The quotable Rodin." I followed the various links and the "'70s baby" link led to a list of the top 100 baby names of the 1970s. That's the precursory set up for you.

I'm a fan of names; they're very interesting. In fact I've recently had a bit of a fascination with names (both given and of the nickname variety), signatures and other things that manage to encapsulate the essence of a person (but that's just me waxing philosophical). Anyway, I'm looking through the list of names and I'm not terribly amused so I go back to the page above it, which has listings of the top ten names of various time periods. At this point, my curiosity is starting to wane and I decide to find out what the 72nd boy's name of 1990 is and it turns out to be Devin (Shannon for girls), which is not too thrilling. It strikes my fancy that I ought to find my name (George) on one of these lists and see where it stands; my name isn't on the 1990 list, so I start moving backwards in time (kind of like the movie I just watched, wee!). My name does show up, however, on the 1980s list (mind you, I was born in the 80s). The interesting bit is not that George shows up in the '80s list, but rather that it shows up in position 72 on the list (Stacy for girls). Fancy that little coincidence, position 72 right after I wanted to see who was 72 in the '90s.

As a side note, 72 is 2 to the 3 times 3 to the 2. I like 3.

Mystery Hunt :: Art Gallery

Right now there's this Mystery Hunt thing going on in my dorm and other MIT related places. Basically, it's this huge puzzle contest of sorts. This year, once again, I have decided not to take a hugely active role in the matter and have just taken a consulting sort of approach to the whole thing. As it stands, I have consulted on two problems both of which have been solved whilst I was helping. The first one was something involving some organic molecules and whatnot; other people did the grunt work and I helped with some of the end bits and getting the solution. The second one was this really neat symmetry/crystallography one which I got involved with when someone said, "Hey George, we have a problem that we think is crystallography, help us." Now, on this puzzle, I was there pretty much from start to finish (minus sleep and some other things) and I played a pretty pivotal role in solving all parts of it. After all, I do know my crystallography. Incidentally, we were the first team to solve the symmetry/crystallography puzzle and the organizers expect that we may be the only team that will solve it.


"1... 2... 4!"

For those of you that get the reference, I appologize; to the rest of you, I also appologize. This entry exists for two reasons, the first is to put "1... 2... 4!" somewhere else on the internet (it has already shown up in the webcomics Underverse and Ketchup Popsicle) and the second is to give you all a good example of how broken my sense of humor really is.

So here it goes: "1... 2... 4!" is my favorite joke. There is no more to the joke; what is in quotation, is all that there is. If you don't get the it, your only real option is to think about it until you figure out what makes it so funny or just give it up as not funny. There is no additional context and it is only an inside joke insofar as a few of my friends also find it humorous. Chances are pretty good that you don't get it, won't get and will just end up irritated with me. It's just kind of surrealistic that way.

And yes, I am serious, this is my favorite joke.

Feed the Tickles

Yesterday I went to PetCo and bought a whole bunch of little fish (~20) and gave them to Mister Tickles. Needless to say, amusement followed as Tickles made a task of hunting and consuming all of the feeder fish.

I am strongly considering getting another fish tank and breeding guppies or some other small fish so that I can keep Tickles in live food.

I got a Lemonade.

I bought a Snapple lemonade and a slice of pizza from Chicago's for lunch a little bit ago. Now, let me tell you, that lemonade was everything that I had dreamed about, quite honestly.

I want my Lemonade

<dream>I'm at some zoo with a bunch of people from my high school. Now, mind you, these are not my friends from high school or anything, just a bunch of the other people. So we do the whole zoo thing and on the way out I realize that I'm really thirsty so I make a bee line for the little refreshments stand at the entrance to the zoo. I notice a few people stopping at water fountains as I pass them. In my hurry I manage to make it to the entrance before everyone else. Noticing that they have a mini Dunkin' Donuts I order me a nice fruit flavored Coolata and wait while it's prepared. It turns out that the machine is broken and at this point the lead I got on everyone is lost and they're all back at the bus waiting for me. Aggravated as I am, I'm still thirsty so I order a large lemonade, which is $2.32. I pay for the lemonade with two ones, a quarter, a nickel and two pennies. Now the damned lady won't serve me my lemonade, she just makes me wait and wait and wait. Everyone is probably getting pissed because I'm making them wait and for the love of God, why won't she just serve me my lemonade. Then I woke up.</dream>

So I got up, took a shower and then realized that I really did want a fucking Coolata. The problem of course was that I didn't really want to bother walking to Dunkin' Donuts up in Central Square so I decided to just go to soda fridge and get me a Minute Maid Fruit Soda. Then, soda fridge was out of Fruit Sodas. At this point, I was more than just a little aggravated, I was really fucking pissed off. Finally, I went to munchies and bought some citrus flavored Sobe drink, which managed to serve as a mediocre alternative.

So that's my morning thus far, and quite frankly, I am really aggravated right now.

Even Random Hall is cold

My dormitory, Random Hall, has this incredible knack for always being too hot. It doesn't matter what time of year, it doesn't matter what kind of weather, Random is just too hot. Now, with a track record like that in place, why am I wandering around inside, wearing a fleece and gloves, yet still being cold. What has happened here?

0°F with a wind chill of -17°F is just not something that I'm used to. Normally I'm a pretty cold tolerant person too, but for some reason I haven't been taking to it as kindly as usual. And why is there no snow. I want a blizzard; spend some more time vacationing in the B-Lizard Lounge, sipping on a tropical drink and doing some hot latin dancing.

Soul Calibur was a perfect 10.0

So, I was bored and looking for information on the new Xbox Ninja Gaiden game that's coming out next month and I decided to see what Gamespot's top games are so I pulled up their search thing and searched for all games with ratings between 10 and 10. And there, lo and behold, was Soul Calibur, one of only 4 games to ever get a rating of 10.0 on Gamespot. Yeah, I know that I'm a colossal dork, but in my defense, I really like Soul Calibur.

Muth and I pwnz

Muth and I are working on this 6.270 robot of ours and getting good results. Mind you we're not working on our competition robot yet, just one to complete the various assignments for the class before we can start working on our real robot. This being totally unimportant quality-wise, we've been shooting for just enough effort to get things checked off and move on. Assignment 3 was due yesterday and Assignment 4 today; these are the only assignments that involve our pre-competition robot.

Assignment 3 invovled building a robot that can go forward, backward, turn counter-clockwise and respond to a bump sensor. Yesterday we spent 2 hours building a robot that satisfied the requirements for Assignment 3 and most of the time was spent debugging code only to find out that I had forgotten how to tell the difference between left and right. Having finished, we walked into lab and were checked off in about 10 minutes.

Assignment 4 is where the story gets fun. Assignment 4 was to make your robot chase after an IR Beacon. We start out oday with some modifications to our robot from yesterday, namely mounting the IR Beacon and figuring out how to make it work (which is pretty hard because it's supposed to be connected to the expansion board, which we aren't using). So we ended up putting about 1.5 hours of work into the thing (of which a portion was taken up by my making and eating some macaroni and cheese). We didn't test the robot before going into lab and my expectation was that it would be sufficient, but barely so, to pass checkoff. So we go in to lab and I'm thinking that I should probably test the IR recognition capabilities of the robot before we ask to be checked off (don't want to waste TA time after all), but then I figure that I don't really care and it should work so I don't bother. We're standing there waiting to get our hands on another IR Beacon so that we can try our robot and in the meanwhile we watch a number of other teams make robots that sit there and twitch a bit, maybe twitching generally towards the IR Beacon and so on. We get tired of waiting so we ask if we can just get checked off then (without bothering to test) and our robot races after the Beacon so fast that the guy can't get away from it fast enough. The thing is flawless, and the TA made the remark that, "That's the way it's supposed to work." So basically, with a total of maybe 3.5 hours of work Muth and I have managed to make one of the best robots for Assignment 4.

Muth and I pwnz