And an era comes to an end

Turns out, I'm employable and, not only that, I've become employed. This now marks the end of my sitting around all day on my computer editing Uncyclopedia, watching YTMNDs and generally reading the intzorweb. Oh well, the times were good while they lasted and now I'll get to have money again. Anyway, I've been hired by Innov-X Systems; they make portable XRF devices for various applications. My official title is "R&D Scientist", which I think is a pretty keen title. My job is going to be a mix of materials science stuff and computer work, so it should be fun and interesting. So yeah, no longer unemployed.

X3 Announcement Teaser Analysis

Gautham sent out a link to the X3 Announcement Teaser with the suggestion that someone might pick the thing apart, so I've taken it upon myself to do so. Without further ado, here's my analysis of the X3 Announcement Teaser:

  • They mention trying to cure mutants, which combined with the presence of Angel, is a portent of the X-Men storylines that involve Apocalypse.
  • They have a large person wearing a helmet, completely bound up, who appears later in the trailer and, absolutely, is Juggernaut. I disagree with their interpretation and think he should be a good 1-2 feet taller and about twice as broad.
  • Phoenix is definitely in the movie.
  • Beast is in the movie too.
  • I'm pretty sure I saw the Scarlet Witch, which means the possibility of some great bizarroness and that I probably also saw Quicksilver.
  • It looks like Colossus may be taking a more dominant role this time around.
  • The scenes with young children may imply that they're going to try to draw in some of the younger generations of mutants, probably for spin-off purposes later. Storm is hugging one of these children near the end, this may be The Spike. I've read that they're already planning a Wolverine spin-off, so we may be looking at a great big franchise here.

That's the extent of my speculative powers as regards seeing things and picking apart the context. Looks like it'll be fun and I hope I'm right about the spin-off franchise bit.

Firefox 1.5

So I went ahead and upgraded my web browser to Firefox 1.5 and my impressions so far are positive, only slightly so, but still positive.To tell the truth, I haven't really noticed much of a difference at all, except in so far as Mozilla Firesomething (which I mentioned a while back) doesn't work. I really like Firesomething, but I can live without it until they upgrade it to be v1.5 compatible. The big changes as far as I'm concerned are that Firefox 1.5 now has support for CSS2, CSS3 and SVG; I expect I will update my blog and web site .css files to take advantage of some of the new features sometime soon. Other than that, there are supposedly bug fixes and speed improvements but whatever.

If you're still using Internet Explorer, I really do recommend switching to Firefox, it's vastly superior.

Blizzard: not the best crack dealer

So, I've been playing World of Warcraft (WoW) using a free 10-day trial that I got from Fileplanet and it's pretty darned good if ask me; in fact, it pretty well is the electronic crack that people make it out to be. Blizzard, however, is not the best crack dealer out there and made the mistake of making the trial a bit of a WoW-lite, which falls a little shy of the addictive power it could stand to harness. The trial version is crippled in a number of ways, some worse than others: (there may be more, this is just what I've noticed)

  • You can't use the public chat channels - not a big issue, you can always respond to people with personal messages
  • You're capped at 5 gold - not a big issue for me, I was usually spending fast enough to stay below 1 gold most of the time
  • You can't trade with other players - this annoyed me a little at first but then when I got my brother playing on a trial account and wanted to get him up to speed with me, I got really annoyed; since cooperation is one of the key selling points of the game, this is a real buzz-kill
  • There's a level cap of 20 - this is the real killer; I'm only just barely into the game; I can't get a mount and I can't reasonably do any PvP stuff. If they had made the level cap 40, I'd get a taste of all of those things and then probably be acheing to be able to play for 20 more levels and max my character but instead they've just pissed me off a whole bunch.

So Blizzard, take note, if you overly cripple a trial version, it'll turn people off, not attrack them. At this point, I'm pretty much on the edge as far as WoW is concerned, the level cap was a real buzz-kill. Hmm, we could probably reverse the metaphor and draw conclusions about how to best sell crack: give out free samples that are just below your best crack in quality, then when they come to buy crack the first time, sell them your best stuff at a lower price than normal and every time thereafter sell them lower grade stuff at an inflated price.

And while we're on the topic of highly addictive drugs and video games, hey technology people, where the heck are BTL-chips already? (Shadowrun reference)

From the land of ASCII

And out of nowhere, 3D ASCII art:

         ,---------,               ,---------
       ,/|       ,/|            ,-'|      ,-|
     ,/  |     ,/  |         ,-'   |   ,-'  |
     ----+----'    |         ------+--'     |
    |    |    |    |        |      |  |     |
    |    |    |    |        |      |  |     |
    |    |    |    |        |      |  |     |
    |    *----+----|        |      *--+-----|
    |  ,/     |  ,/         |   ,-'   |   ,-'
    |,/       |,/           |,-'      |,-'
     ---------'              ---------'

Yeah, I know it's not that great, but I was staring at a whole bunch of text a bit ago and I started wondering if you could do half decent 3D with ASCII art. Consider it an unpolished proof-of-concept. Oh and if it's turning up as a pile of gobbledy-gook, you need to change your browsers monospace font to be an actual monospace font.

Why I need an android

So I was driving down the road and I passed three cars in a row that each had one headlight out. Being as I was in the car by myself, I was thinking out loud and I said, "Three padiddles in a row, what're the odds of that?", rhetorically of course. Then it occured to me, if I had Data or C3P0 around, they would've rattled off the odds to me in annoyingly cliche form. How awesome would that be?