JOs 2006

I spent the long weekend down in Hartford, CT for the 2006 Fencing Junior Olympics (JOs). The JOs are the largest 20 and under fencing event in the US and they're held in a different location every year; this year they were held in Hartford, which is so close to home that I couldn't really justify not going. It was a lot of fun watching the fencing, cheering for members of my club and hanging out with fencing people. The fencing started really early every day, ran late every day and tended to be followed by a long, late dinner, which made for very short nights of sleeping. I would normally be fine with sleeping little over a long weekend for an event but I was fighting a cold at the same time, so this weekend has really taken a lot out of me. I feel mighty drained right now, but it sure was a lot of fun and man, oh man, watching all that fencing really makes me want to do some myself; I can't wait for club tomorrow.

First out of the gate: It's the Gopher

I got my first response back from a law school today; I've been accepted at the University of Minnesota Law School. Now, I'm sure plenty of you folks will have comic things to say about Minnesota, so I've prepared a few retorts in advance: I have a ton of family in Minnesota; I was born in Minnesota; I am one of those people that likes the cold; the University of Minnesota Law School is ranked 19 in the country by USNews.

Valentine's Failure

As many (some) of you know, I like to single out one lucky lady on Valentine's Day and give her a cinder block. Sadly, this year, I completely forgot about Valentine's Day and as such have not presented a cinder block this year. This makes two years in a row that I've failed to give out a cinder block; poor form gwax, poor form. Anyway, that's me being a failure at Valentine's day (again); I'll try to be better about it next year.

The IT Crowd

There's a fantastic new show on television in the UK right now called the IT Crowd. The show centers around the IT department of a large company (two socially awkward guys and a woman who lied her way into the job) and is fantastically funny, even if you don't know the first thing about computers. The IT Crowd is, in my opinion, one of the funniest shows in rather a while and you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't give it a look.

Long Live Jesus Cat

Anyone that's driven between Carlisle and Chelmsford more than a few times should be well aware of Jesus Cat and I am happy to report that he still exists. I have driven the Chelmsford-Carlisle route a number of times recently but had not seen Jesus Cat, which had left me concerned that he had departed this world, but on a return trip from Chelmsford tonight, I spotted him; long live Jesus Cat.

For those that are unaware, Jesus Cat is a plush cat that has been crucified to a telephone pole. I consider Jesus Cat to be a staple of the Carlisle experience as he's been there since before the first time I ever drove to Chelmsford (so at least 6 years).

The Bane of my Car Audio Experience

Ford Factory Amp Ford Factory Amp (open) Today I tore apart the trim on the passenger side of my truck, and ripped out the God foresaken "Premium Audio" factory installed amplifier. The factory amp has long been the bane of my truck's stereo system for a very long time now. The number of problems I can blame on that stupid amp are many and I won't bother enumerating them but now it has been replaced by a by-pass I bought at Tweeter, which consists of nothing more than 8 wires and a couple connectors. Now that I've gotten the thing out and my truck's audio is finally up to par, I've got to figure out what I'm going to do with this silly amp; I'm not electronically inclined enough to do anything really interesting, but I'm open to suggestions.

Things sound so much better now; I'm so pleased.