Check it

I did something to my www page in order to tide it over until I next update it (whenever that might end up being). For now, you should take a look, I drew a neat angry face and put it there.

I like art that's simple but expressive, which is pretty good because I'm not very good at complex art things. I really should get some more practice with the simple bits.

My Computers are Fixed (or abandoned)

As I have mentioned, there have been some problems with my computers of late and now they're as fixed as they're going to get; ozone-beast has had some serious problems and I had to scavenge its network card to fix thevoid (which is now fine). I have set up r-type to manage the domains, dns and serving of my www page and my blog, but haven't filled in anything for my www page. The end result of all this is that I am roughly back to where I started but my www page is dead and gone.

When I manage to get around to doing so, I'm going to make a new www page for myself and I think that I'll take a slightly more artistic approach to the matter, instead of a give superficial content about me style approach. I mean, heck, if you are going to have a superficial www page about yourself, why not make is stylistic. Now I just need to figure out what style I want and then get my artistic bits churning.

DNS Migration Continues

Having successfully tested the new DNS server that I'm using (now on r-type) and had some success (, I am migrating the rest of my domains over ( and The initial plan is just to have www.* point to my blog until I decide what to do next.

Hopefully, I'll get this whole issue resolved pretty soon. I don't really know what I'll do about the lost content on ozone-beast but maybe I can find a way to save it; we'll see. While I'm fooling with server stuff I might consider setting up a mail server (or I might not).

Frightful experience

So, I'm driving home this evening (~2a) just minding my own business as I do. It's late at night so there shouldn't be many cars on the road and I can see them in advance by their headlights anyway. I come around a corner and the rest is best explained if I simply relate the immediate sequence of my thoughts after I turn the corner:

  • DEER!
  • BRAKE!
  • LET UP!
  • OH CRAP!
  • Wait, I'm ok.
  • Heart, you can start again.

I won't be all melodramatic and be like, "I could have died, I was so scared." No, I'm cool, but it was pretty startling and more than a little frigthening at the time.

That's my harrowing experience of the day, now for some sleep

Kill Bill v2

Saw Kill Bill v2 (v2 is in this case my preferred way of writing volume 2) tonight and I can say that I liked it. I don't know about the ending though, just don't know (won't say more; don't want to spoil it). They tossed in some interesting twists, more than you might expect. I would say that it's worth the $10 you have to pay to see it, but I'm not so sure if it's all worth the $20 it takes to see both halves (but maybe that's just me getting irritated at movie theaters for gouging the consumer). As an aside, I really think that someone ought to take up an antitrust thing against all of these damned movie theaters and the MPAA thing; $10 for a movie and then another $10 for popcorn and a soda: outrageous! (I didn't get popcorn and a soda tonight because it's too expensive)

And just to toss another opinion in, Budd and Pai Mei are both great characters. I especially liked Pai Mei's beard.

Ozone Beast is Dying

It appears to be the case that my beloved ozone-beast is dying. Ozone-beast hosts my www page and is my DNS server so it may be a little irritating to have it die. So far, my www page has been nuked and I don't have backups of it. The DNS is still running fine and I'm working on transferring it to a different machine.

The goal is pretty much to transfer all functionality that is being taken up by ozone-beast over to r-type (my blog machine) and then take ozone-beast offline. This is really pretty unfortunate, not only because I lost my www page but, more importantly, because I like ozone-beast; it's neat. Ozone-beast does make a lot of noise and spits out some ozone so this won't be all bad.

I really have two options to go with as far as my www page is concerned now: either I can abandon it and have just this blog as my web presence or I can make a new one. I'll have to think about this and see what I come up with.

Friendster Rediscovered

An old friend of mine, Michael Carroll, whom I haven't seen in quite a while, just requested that I add him as a friend in Friendster and it has reminded me of that whole thing. Having been reminded, I did a quick look through to find and add a few more people that I know to my friend's thingamahoozit.

I don't know if I really have much intention of picking up and using Friendster in any real fashion but it might serve me well as a means of keeping track of people that I don't see very often. At the very least it can sometimes remind me that there are some people out there that I know and would like to see but don't always get the chance to.

Oh, and yes, this means that I am on Friendster for those of you that know me and were unaware of this fact. For those of you that don't know what Friendster is, it's an online thing that mainains networks of friends and helps you connect with people that you may know indirectly.

Bubba Ho-tep

Having recently watched the amazingly good Bubba Ho-tep, I feel that I ought to give it a little plug. After all, it's out on DVD and VHS and more than worth renting. It's one of those humor/horror movies that isn't scary but is really amusing. Also it has Bruce Campbell, of Army of Darkness fame, as Elvis.

In case you won't just take my word for the quality of this movie, I'll give you some more details to help convince you. Bubba Ho-tep is set at an old folks home in Texas somewhere near the present. The main characters are Elvis and JFK (who is, incidentally, black) as geriatrics. Now, throw a soul-eatting mummy into the mix and you have one of the worst ideas for a movie ever. In an odd twist, a really bad movie idea becomes a really amusing movie; which might make sense if you consider how many really great movie ideas make for really poor movies. In short, Bubba Ho-tep is a movie that tried to combine the amusement value of mummies, Elvis, JFK, old people and the South and managed to pull it off.

I am now 21

I have done one of those coming of age things, but it wasn't one of those great movie-style adventures, I just waited for a while. Incidentally, the age of which I have come is 21 so that puts an end to underage drinking for me and rings in an era of not breaking the law. I guess that this means the government trusts me more now than it used to.

Ninja Gaiden Be Done

It has taken me a great deal of time and effort but I have finally finished Ninja Gaiden. Anyone that says that this game is not hard is a boldfaced liar but, thankfully, it's not usually the frustrating kind of hard. Ninja Gaiden is great and I highly reccomend it; ignoring Soulcalibur 2, probably one of the best video games that I have played in quite a while. So yeah, I beat Ninja Gaiden and I'm all proud of myself now.