The return home

I finished the return trip to Massachusetts today and am writing this from my room in Concord. Total trip mileage was 3553 (keen, it's symmetrical). I'll probably get myself back into the city tomorrow, though it might take more than one day.

Today was an interesting one. I started at a rest area in Virginia where I ignored the two hour parking limit and got eight hours of sleep. Between there and New Jersey, things were pretty uneventful. However, an interesting thing happened when I stopped for lunch and gas in New Jersey, I picked up a hitch-hiker heading for New York. Mind you, this was no normal hitch-hiker, this was Ludovic Hubler (you'll want to click the British flag if you can't read French)(also, it's kind of flaky in some browsers). I'm sure you're asking who is Ludovic Hubler and why should I care? He's this French guy who is hitch-hiking around the world, trying not to spend any money at all on travel expenses. He started in France, hitch-hiked across the Sahara, across the Atlantic, to Antarctica, up to the US and I gave him a ride from the middle of Jersey to New York.

That's my exciting news of the day; I picked up a hitch-hiker. The first time I ever pick up a hitch-hiker and I get the hitch-hiker to end all hitch-hikers.

Da North needs Waffle House

I've come in contact with a new chain restaurant on my trip into the South, Waffle House. Waffle House is pretty much what you'd expect given the name and is pretty tasty. It's a little better than IHOP or Bickford's in my opinion.

Also, they have grits, which are a new thing for me too. Grits are good.

FL sure is a beaut'

I'm not lost but I'm somewhere in Southern Florida and I don't know exactly where I am. It doesn't much matter as my time is valueless right now and I am pretty good at figuring out where I am in strange places.

Truth be told, I am actually kind of glad that I am bushwhacking through unknown territories. This is a beautiful part of the world that I had never seen before. It reminds me of Southern California a whole lot.

I've found I-95 now, so all my problems are solved from here to Massachusetts.

Like me but feminine

I'm deep in the land of Dixie (which being a proper noun can, sadly, not be used in Scrabble) now, Savannah, Georgia to be precise, and it's time for a break. What better way to take a break than to sit down and update my blog? Probably a bunch of things but that's not the point.

I've been getting pretty tired of the alphabet game so I've only finished 3 more alphabets putting me at 25 and looking for a "Q". I've also been tearing a pretty solid swathe through my CD collection having fully listened to 14 KMFDM albums, 1 KMFDM single, 1 MDFMK album, 1 KMFDM vs. Pig album, 1 Lucia album, 1 Happy 2B Hardcore compilation, 1 Aphex Twin album, 1 Daft Punk album, 1 Gigi D'Agostino compilation and 1 Mr. Velcro Fastener album. I think that I'm going to give local radio a shot for a while.

I don't really mind the driving; it's kind of pleasant. I am getting a little bit fatigued but not tired or tired of the driving, a problem solvable by breaks like this. The sun is setting; that should make things different. Let's see if I can get another 4 hours of driving in and make my way into Florida.

NC Pizza Hut

Well, I'm sitting in a Pizza Hut somewhere in North Carolina, partaking of the lunch buffet. Things go well and I am 260 miles from where I started the day. If I can keep myself going until late tonight, I should make Key West by mid-tomorrow.

Report from VA

I figured that it was about time to send out a progress report from the grand state of Virginia. I've been here chilling with Sherv and having a grand old time since I got here Sunday evening. We've mainly just been chilling and not doing anything terribly extravagant.

Virginia is a pretty nice place, at least the Virginia Beach region. I've been noticing some big differences between this part of the country and Massachusetts, but many of them are rather subtle and I don't particularly feel like going into a grand old compare and contrast thing. Suffice it to say that it's quite nice and gives me the feeling of really taking a vacation and getting away, which is a feeling that I don't often get.

Tomorrow I hit the road again for Key West. It's going to be a longer drive so I expect to get through the alphabet a few more times. I was playing the alphabet game on my way down here and I made it through the alphabet a full 22 times and will pick up again looking for my 23rd "J" when I get back out there. The driving is quite nice and I was only getting a little tired come around hour 8 or 9. It's 20 hours to Key West from here so we'll see about that and I expect the 30 back will be something.

Well, plenty more fun ahead, back to chillaxing in Virginia with Sherv.

Oh man, Vince Lombardi!

I've been underway since 8:30 this morning and am currently getting food at the Vince Lombardi Service Area in New Jersey. It's overpriced but I need food and gas for the car.

All gas stations in New Jersey are full service; this is slow, inefficient and stupid. I am waiting in a fucking line of cars to get gas! It's so dumb.

Adventures to the South

Tomorrow I begin my grand adventures off to the South. I will be driving to Virginia tomorrow morning to visit my very good friend Sherv, whom I have not seen in quite a long time. I will spend a few days hanging out with Sherv and then I will probably proceed onward to Florida, where I will hang out with Gus in Key West. I'll be getting back sometime around the middle of the week of the 10th.

I'll be dragging my sidekick with me, so you may get some posts during the trip and if any of you are going to be geographically between Massachusetts and Florida during my trip, give me a call or email and I'll stop by to say hi.