Guerrilla Drive-In

Drive-Ins are making a comeback (as an underground guerrilla movement). Guerrilla Drive-In movements are apparently popping up all around the country. The idea is, basically, some guy drags a movie projector and a radio transmitter to a place with a nice wall and shows a movie. The place where the movie will be shown is predetermined and people are informed by mailing list, website or any other if-you-know-where-to-look method. To view a movie, you show up at the specified place and time and tune in to the movie's radio station. Santa Cruz Guerrilla Drive-In seems to be the first, most popular or just most well known group running Guerrilla Drive-Ins and they have links up to a number of other similar groups in other parts of the country.

As of yet, there does not appear to be a group running Drive-Ins in New England (specifically Eastern Massachusetts) but if I find any, I'll let you know. Or, if any of you hear of any or decide to start one, drop me a line and I'll come watch and maybe help out.

For that matter, if I can get my hands on a high luminosity projector, I will personally obtain everything else that is needed and found a Guerrilla Drive-In for Eastern Massachusetts. (Anyone want to donate an old, working projector to the cause?)

Shoulder update: Euphoria

Saw the orthopod again today and got my first does of good news with regards my shoulder. Apparently the chip in the bone is small and in a non-critical spot and my glenoid labrum is only minimally damaged. The orthopod said that I probably have a greater than 50% chance of not needing surgery and that I can stop wearing the sling as comfort permits. I'm supposed to start physical therapy soon and that should slowly get my shoulder working again. As for now, I'm allowed to use it as much as I feel comfortable so long as I don't carry any heavy loads with my shoulder or do anything extreme. Even though there's still a chance of my needing surgery, getting out of the sling and being told that chances are better of my not needing surgery makes me incredibly happy.

It may be a little limited but I have two arms again. [Insert exclamation to non-existent higher power]!

The Aristocrats

I saw The Aristocrats yesterday and it was even better than I expected. Well, truth be told, I had mixed expectations but the movie turned out to be really funny. It's certainly not for children or those who find dirty (and I mean truly dirty) humor offensive. For those that haven't heard of it, The Aristocrats is a documentary about a joke, one joke, that has a long history of being told by comedians for comedians. You might not think that a movie about a single joke would be funny all the way through, but this one is and I highly recommend it.

Shoulder update, not so good

I went to see the orthopedic surgeon again today for a follow up look at my shoulder and he took some X-Rays and it turns out that I chipped my scapula. This means that my glenoid labrum is probably torn; the glenoid labrum is the soft tissue that extends from the scapula to make a soft cup sort of thing for the joint. The chipped piece of scapula will have either torn itself entirely free or is still connected to the glenoid labrum. If the chip is connected to the glenoid labrum it will prevent proper healing and I will need surgery; if it has floated free it can probably be ignored and the glenoid labrum should hopefully be able to heal itself with time. In order to find out how the status of my soft tissue I'm going to have to get an MRI sometime next week and then make another follow up appointment.

The future of my shoulder recovery is now dependent on the MRI results. If the chip has dragged the glenoid along with it, I'll get surgery, which will be followed by 6 weeks of immobilization and recovery and then 3 months of physical therapy. However, if I'm lucky, the problem can be ignored and I can start physical therapy soon and have a working arm again in a month or so.

Since optimism has been building me up for big let downs of late, I think that I'll just go with the pessimist approach and work on accepting that I'm going to have to get surgery and have a bum shoulder for the next 5 months. It's almost as though I couldn't just let myself be happy and have a good summer, so I added a sour vein through the summer. I guess that I'll just tack this up as another example of the way my luck runs.

Dave: 308, George: 305

Dave 308, George 305

This was the end result of a Scrabble game that my friend Dave and I played a couple nights ago. I post because it's the first 300+ point game of Scrabble I've ever played.

The blanks were 'B' in "RIBBING" and 'S' in "QUALMS". The final score was Dave: 308, George: 305.


It turns out that I no longer dislike lobster. In fact, I have moved on to rather enjoying the taste of the little buggers.

Balancing Point

There's a wonderful form of art known as Rock Balancing Art, where you, simply, balance rocks on top of each other. It may seem simple but some people have done some rather fantastic things with regards to balancing rocks. One such example is a short film called Balancing Point (watch online), where some guy theatrically knocked down balanced rocks and then reversed the film; the effect is rather uncanny.