Anchorman... more like Awesome

Last night I went and saw Anchorman with some friends and it was absolutely spectacular. One of the best comedies that I have seen in a while. The humor skirted the line of over-the-top a great deal but, in my opinion, didn't spend too much time beyond it.

This is one of the best comedies that I have seen in a while, and I highly recommend it.

Story: 3/5
Quality: 3/5
Humor: 6/5
Characters: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Sunday! Sunday! Sun... err... um... Tuesday! Tuesday Tuesday!

Last night I went to my first demolition derby and it was totally sweet. So much car smashing; so much goodness; so much fun. The derby was in the context of the Barnstable County Fair, which I went to with a few friends last evening. Also, I got me a neat blue feed cap referencing the demolition derby.

I'll tell you one thing though, watching a demolition derby makes me wish that I could smash cars.

A day in the life...

Let me describe my average weekday. The day starts promptly at 8:00a with a press of the snooze button. This ritual is followed at 8:09a sharp with another press of the snooze button. At 8:18a my alarm is finally turned off and I proceed to sit on the side of my bed for 2-5 minutes before proceeding to the shower. I then shower, get dressed and bike to work, arriving around 9a.

Work tends to start with about 30-45 minutes being taken up by checking my email, reading a few comics and sometimes updating my blog (as now). Somewhere between 9:30a and 10:00a, I will actually get around to working proper. Working proper can best be described as PHP, PHP, MySQL and more PHP. I am getting to the point of being able to grok PHP. Work proper proceeds until 11:45a, at which point I go meet Jamie, Josh and occasionally others for lunch at Swope. Lunch often lasts for about an hour and I tend to be back to work by 12:45p. Returning to work sees me getting right back into the PHP and being quite productive for two or three hours. By three or four, my productivity starts to dwindle and I lose my laser-like focus. By five or six my focus is gone and I call it a day.

Come the end of the work day, things become a bit less predictable. The rest of the day is spent hanging out in Woods Hole, usually with Jamie, Dave and and a few other people. The only fairly certain bit after this point is that if it's a weekday-night, I will almost certainly be en route to home by 12:00a.

Huzzah for routines that work.

Hell is Dinosaurs in your Head

Yesterday was going pretty well up until I decided to go to sleep; good day at work, helped Dave G-L paint for a while, invited to dinner at the Galvin's, Cha-cha and swing at the MBL Club, a few beers with some of my chummers at the Kidd; all in all a pretty good day. So then, as I was saying, it all went downhill pretty darned fast thereafter. I got home around 12:30a and went promptly to sleep.


I woke up around 4a for no seemingly good reason, went back to sleep and then here is where the fun begins, and by that I mean exactly the opposite. Over the course of the next 4 hours (since 8a is when I like to get up for work) I went through veritable weeks of dream time, all of which were incredibly vivid and of a Jurassic Park kind of nature. The worst moments were those of being stalked through an office building by a number of malicious velociraptors, watching the slaughter of dozens of people around me, and the best moments were not a whole lot better. These were the sorts of dreams that one finds to be hard to distinguish from reality, like when you're worried about a test, take it in a dream and wake up relieved to have taken it only to later realize that it was just a dream. It was that sort of realism that leaves you unsure of things for a bit, except in that it was no test but, instead, large predatory reptiles out for my blood. I took up so much dream time and it was so vivid that, when I finally got out of bed in the morning, I was quite shaken and just a little jumpy.


Now, nearly two hours later, some of the horrors remain in my head and I am still a bit shaken and jumpy. I'm half expecting to hear screaming and then discover dinosaurs stalking around the MBL, where I work. This is, of course, not aided by being slightly out of it because of the sleep the horrors deprived me of in the first place.

Biking's Weakest Link

I am now fully aware of the weakest mechanical link in the wold of hardcore biking, the tires. The past few days have been very bad for me and my tires, I have gone through three tire tubes and I am mildly annoyed. Two of the tube failures are decidedly my fault, but one is not so much my fault. This whole process, although bothersome, is a good thing as I am starting to get a good feel for what is and is not acceptable abuse of my tires and I do not believe that tires will end up limiting my aspirations towards being hard of core. In short order, I'll have my bike back in peak condition and get the weakest link title, rightfully, back on my shoulders.

Up until now, I've been discussing the inner tubes of bike tires, now I will move on to the outer treads. Right now, I'm using a pretty good pair of off-road mountain biking tires and they serve off-road purposes quite well and on-road purposes adequately. Adequately, however, is not sufficient for my needs and I intend to get some more specialized treads for my bike. The current off-road treads have standard off-road treading, which causes the bike to vibrate and makes a fairly high-frequency whine when on any hard, flat terrain (asphalt, concrete). The vibrating, whining and low-traction mean that I waste a lot of energy and control when on hard, flat terrain, which I don't like. I am intending to get a pair of mountain bike slicks, which I know to exist, and then use the slicks when riding on paths and roads, and while doing any urban mountain biking (I plan to have so much fun with government center this year). I have no intention of getting rid of my current treads as they serve me incredibly well whenever I am biking on dirt trails or bushwhacking. The next big tread thing will come this winter as I intend to get some studded tires when it snows and have me a whole lot of fun. I really hope that we have some good blizzards this year that will give me a chance to fully exploit studded treads.

As far as my progress towards being hard of core goes, things are slow but steady. My leg endurance and strength are getting up towards where I want them and I am more and more getting the hang of bunny-hopping. My current practice is largely centered around distance biking, going down stairs, going down drops, wheelies and going up stairs. I am really enjoying having my bike, despite my ability to destroy tire tubes.

Insufferably Pleasing Haircut

I continue to be insufferably pleased with my mohawk. The general response of other people has been favorable and I haven't had to put up with much negative response, which is good because I like the haircut for me and don't much want to deal with other people that feel otherwise. Maintenance is a pain, as I have to shave the sides of my head every few days, but it's worth it.

My beard is also getting back to a length that pleases me a great deal. I guess that I could say that I am very pleased by all of the hair that grows on my head.

A Big Red Chair Resting on the Side of the Path

I was out biking earlier today, enjoying myself immensely, when I happened to come across a big red chair resting on the side of the path. I rode past it and then realized that I had passed a big red chair resting on the side of the path. I turned around and went back and, as I had expected, the big red chair resting on the side of the path was a big red chair resting on the side of the path. There wasn't much else to do so I put down my bike, removed my helmet, removed my gloves and sat down in the big red chair resting on the side of the path for a while. One doesn't often find a big red chair resting on the side of the path. The big red chair resting on the side of the path was out of place yet incredibly appropriate and I was very glad to have encountered it.

To Hell With Popular Opinion

I had a mohawk for a while my freshman year and I rather enjoyed it. I found, in combination with my oilskin duster of the time, I was portraying an image of myself that I didn't much like, namely that of a hardcore punk. Eventually I moved on from the mohawk to adopt a more conservative personal appearance. Of late, I have had the desire to do the mohawk thing again and finally, I have. I just decided that if I want to have a mohawk, then I can have a mohawk and it absolutely does not matter what other people think of me because of it. Further, it has occurred to me that my desire not to be identified as a hardcore punk is more an issue of my intense desire towards conformity and fitting in, than an issue of my not identifying with the punk thing. I've been listening to a bunch of KMFDM, Pig, and Excessive Force lately, which I tend to do every so often, KMFDM having been my favorite band for quite some time. Despite that I have been a huge fan of industrial rock for quite some time, I have been unwilling to identify myself as such and preferred to identify with electronic and fringe electronic. Again, this is from a preference to identify with the eccentric electronic enthusiast and not with the angry industrial rock crowd.

These preferences in desire to identify with certain people and not others has been based on the reactions I expected would be evoked in other people more than they were based on any actual personal identification. I do identify with some of the various electronic crowds, including some that I hadn't wanted to identify with in the past (like ravers) and I also identify with the industrial rock punk crowd. The big difference is that I've decided to say to Hell with popular opinion and what other people think and I'm going to be and act how I want to and not worry about how other people perceive or identify me. I will just be me and everyone else can like it or not; I'm not going to hug the conservative line to avoid reactions or unwanted attention anymore.

The Tripyramids (South, Middle and North)

Taylor and I went up to New Hampshire and climbed the three Tripyramid peaks on Saturday. The Tripyramids are quite nice and the whole trip was very pleasant.

It being Tuesday (myself having been away from the Internet since Saturday) I have forgotten many of the small details, but I will give you the key points. We started hiking at 10:30a. The trail begins as a dirt road from the parking area and continues as such for at least a mile or so. We ended up taking the route up the southern peak first, which continued as a smaller dirt path for quite a while after diverging from the road. The dirt path was small and had a moderate grade which proceeded for quite some distance before beginning to get rocky. Shortly after the dirt path had transitioned into a rocky dirt path, it decided to drop the dirt altogether and became the southern slide. The southern slide was steep and consisted entirely of exposed rock, gravel and sand. Proceeding up the southern slide was a great deal of fun and we encountered a number of other hikers going down (as well as a number of hikers with dogs). The views from the slide itself are quite spectacular and one ends up pausing to turn around and look rather often. Some of the other hikers we encountered strongly encouraged us not to take the northern slide down as it was, reputedly, much worse than the southern; it was recommended that we take the Scaur Ridge Trail down. Eventually we made it past the southern slide and the trail leveled out once more. The moderately graded dirt path had started to become a little boring before the slide, but to see similar afterwards was a very pleasant respite. There were some decent views from the southern peak but we decided to proceed to the middle peak before stopping for lunch as a number of hikers whom we had passed made mention of the spectacular views from the middle peak. The middle peak was not far beyond the southern peak, perhaps another ten or fifteen minutes, and the views were, indeed, quite spectacular. We took lunch on the second peak, and I was reminded once more of how tasty a briny pickle is after losing plenty of salt to a sweaty hike. Also, insects are a real nuisance. The hike from the middle to north peak was rather fun. The Scaur Ridge Trail from the north peak was a moderate down, followed by a gradual down, which eventually spat us back out on the aforementioned Livermore Road and we reached the car at around 4:30 making for a 6 hour hike.

All in all, the hike was quite nice, the views were great and the southern slide was a heck of a lot of fun. Also, the customary trip to the Ashland, NH Burger King for dinner was not neglected.

Spider-man is Sequeltastic

I saw Spider-man 2 today and I have two adjectives that I would like to use in describing it: fun, crappy.

One thing that I kept thinking about was how totally awesome it would be too have 4 gigantic robotic arms that half have a mind of their own. The movie was pretty much worth seeing entirely for Doc Ock. I really ought to go about inventing cybertechnology (/me is a Shadowrun dork).

Also, there was a whole lot of emotional, chick flick stuff in the movie. As much of a shame I will be to my gender, I'm going to say that I don't usually mind that emotional, chick flick stuff too much, but in the case of Spider-man 2, it was not only overdone, but rather poorly done as well.

Story: 2/5
Quality: 1/5
Characters: 3/5
Action: 5/5
FX: 5/5
Badassness: 4/5
Acting: 3/5

Overall: 2/5