README.txt (Source)

Each .c file is associated with a different application,
composing a suite of 4 applications; descriptions are below.
makeoutfile - this generates a set of initial conditions,
              you will need to modify the code or write an
              alternate program to modify the initial
interact    - this is the meat of things and performs the
              simulation computations; all of the
              algorithms discussed in my thesis are
              implemented herein
atm2hr      - this converts a binary .atm data file into a
              human readable plain text format
atm2pov     - this converts a binary .atm data file into a
              plain text .pov file for use with POV-Ray to
              generate graphical depictions of program
All of these programs should be considered proof-of-concept
or Alpha grade code and are neither heavily optimized nor
bug free. The code is currently barely commented, as I was
in a huge time crunch when I wrote it; I'm sure some things
would have been easier for me at the time if I were
commenting as I coded, but such is how things are now.
I may, at some point in time, come back and work on things
more but I provide no guarantees. This is all copyright me
and I haven't bothered choosing a license yet, so for now
I guess I'll just say that you can feel free to download
it, compile it and use it for non-commercial applications;
if you modify the code, I would like to hear about what
you are doing and I don't want my code distributed without
giving me credit. If you want to use it for commercial
purposes, let me know and we can work something out.
-George Waksman