Chickens and Eggs

Ok Internet, it's time we had a little discussion about the chicken and the egg. There's a longstanding pseudo-philosophical debate as to which came first: the chicken or the egg. The debate rests on two simple principles: chickens come from chicken eggs and chicken eggs come from chickens. The whole debate is wildly circular and people like to make it analogous to other, (less pseudo-) philosophical debates.

Now, because this is a stupid argument, I'm going to set the record straight. The egg came first. Now some people will launch into stupid debate with me and say where did the egg come from and to these people I say, learn some evolutionary biology. The current chicken generation (generation n) hatched from eggs laid by the previous generation (n-1). Generation n-1 hatched from eggs laid by generation n-2 and this goes back for a long time. As you continue to go back, different varieties of chicken converge and we find, for example, that the Bandara chicken came originally from an egg that was laid by a White Cornish or by a Gimmizah; in other words, the first Bandara egg was not laid by a Bandara chicken. Just as Bandaras can be traced back to eggs that are not their own, so too can chickens be traced back to an egg laid by some pre-chicken creature. So there you have it, the egg came first, now shut up about the damned chicken or egg debate.

It will have to be noted that this solution is theoretical and that experimental tests suggest that the chicken came first. Having run only one trial, the results can not be guaranteed to be statistically significant.

As a sidenote, the information about the Bandara chicken came from a Breeds of Chicken site that google got me to.