Bemoaning the AI copy assistant

I've been using GitHub Copilot for a few about half a year now, and it feels like an amazing piece of magic. Not only does it seem to do most of the rote coding for me but it also gives me a new sense for what is actually rote.

Since I edit the content of this blog, and just about everything else I write, in VSCode and already use Copilot for work, it tries to suggest things everywhere.

Even, as I type this, it keeps suggesting things. Often, the things it suggests are so close to what I want to say that it's tempting to hit the tab key but it's voice is not quite my own.

With code, the voice hardly matters and Copilot is quite good at knowing what I want to say, of course, it's well constrained. With prose, not so much. Sure, what it suggests would be fine but that's not the point.