The Great Card Catalogue Project

About a week ago, I undertook the project of cataloguing my Magic: The Gathering card collection and I finally finished earlier today. I am using a program called Magic Suitcase to do my cataloguing. The goal is to improve improve my awareness of what cards I have and my ability to construct decks. Having completed my cataloguing endeavor, I am now able to use the application to get statistical information on my collection. Following is a spattering of information about my collection:

Total Cards: 10,886

Gold: 97
Artifacts: 725
White: 1677
Blue: 1665
Black: 1690
Red: 1692
Green: 1667

Lands: 1699
Artifacts: 725
Creatures: 4194
Enchantments: 2006
Sorceries: 750
Instants: 1511

Rare: 522
Uncommon: 2175
Common: 8189

There, that ought to be far more information than you wanted as regards my Magic card collection.