A Non-Purists Perfect Frozen Margarita

Having experimented with margarita preparation a bit this weekend, I feel that I have come up with a perfect recipe for a non-purists margarita. Feeling as I do about cocktail preparation, I have foregone the use of the abominations that are premade margarita mixes but as pure as my cocktail preparation intentions are, my recipe does not make use of freshly squeezed lime, so I cannot truly consider it a proper margarita recipe. That said, I think the results do speak for themselves:


  • 3/4 cup Tequila

  • 3/4 cup Triple Sec

  • 1 cup (half can) frozen Limeade Concentrate

  • Ice

  • Margarita Salt


In a 2 liter blender, combine Tequila, Triple Sec and Limeade Concentrate. Add enough Ice to fill blender. Cover and blend. Serve in glass rimmed with margarita salt. (To rim a glass with margarita salt, take two wide, flat bowls, fill one with 1/4 inch water and the other with 1/4 inch margarita salt, then dip a glass, rim first, in the water followed by the salt)


As variations on the above recipe, the Triple Sec may be replaced with any orange liqueur. Blue Curaçao, for example, will make for an equally tasty but very blue margarita. Of course, Grand Marnier or any other orange liqueur is also acceptable.