Yesterday, I went and picked up my new puppy. My puppy is a purebred Saint Bernard with strong champion ancestry from Conifer Creek Farm in Rough and Ready, CA.

After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to name my puppy Baldr, after the Norse God commonly associated with light and goodness. I had previously been considering Heimdallr and Odin but Heimdallr sounded too cumbersome and the breeder, a very friendly man by the name of David McKague, related to me the story of a Saint Bernard named Odin who had been nothing but trouble. As much as I like to be contrarian and see Baldr as a bit like the Jesus of the Norse, it really is a good name. Baldr was often called Baldr the Good for a reason and I think that it's a very respectable and good sounding name for a dog.

I will post pictures as soon as soon as I get an xD card for the camera a friend gave me or am able to get someone else to take some pictures for me.