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Internet, meet Baldr. Sorry it took me so long to introduce you.

I sleep most of the time. Seriously, did I really have to take a bath? I'm still grumpy about that bath. Walking, walking, walking, awesome! What is this contraption you're shoving in my face? What's that off yonder? Yes? Mmm, couch; tastes like chicken. Ok, I'll hang out here until this picture is done, then I'm getting back to chewing my rawhide and burrowing under the sofa. Oh man, I love chewing on things, especially things you don't want me chewing on, like this backpack strap. Hey! Hey! Come play with me! I know that I look tired and droopy but that's how I always look; I assure you there's something totally awesome over there; seriously, check it out. I'm intrigued, tell me more. Wait up! Wait up! I'm coming! Ah, the ground; wonderful, wonderful, the ground; I'm so fond of you, the ground. Walking is pretty ok, I guess; I'd rather sit around but walking is ok. I am a stair climbing machine! Two flights? Bah, child's play!

Post title plagiarized from Riad


Dude, apparently stairs ain't so good for your little guy's joints. Going up isn't as bad as going down. You might consider carrying him down the stairs at least until he's too heavy to do it (ideally it would be 18 months before you let him tackle them...)

The issues regarding stairs and his joints are something that I am aware of and it is a really unfortunate issue with living on the third floor. Unfortunately, he's getting very heavy, very fast and I have to concern myself with ensuring that he's capable of taking stairs before I am incapable of doing it for him otherwise he'll end up stuck inside and never become housebroken or get enough exercise. Also, when he gets much larger, I don't want to throw out my back or fall while carrying him down the stairs.

Gad! He looks like you.

Cutest dog ever! :)