Time for another term

Tomorrow (today after I wake up) is registration day and then spring term classes begin Tuesday. I can't really say how I feel about the whole new term thing; I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I would like to get back to learning new stuff, being active and following a set schedule, but on the other hand, I know that there will be a lot of work involved.

The goal for this term is to try to have classes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, giving me four day weekends and Wednesday off. I'm not certain if it is possible, but I'm pretty sure that it is. The only problem is that it currently looks like I'll end up with classes from 8:30a to 5p, which is irritating but won't be too bad if it's only twice a week. If I do get most of the week off, I'll have to figure out how I want to arrange the rest of things; do I work a lot of desk, or go out and do things, or do my homework, or do other work, or just sit around? This will all be determined later if I can pull off the two day week.

Then, of course, I will have to go and deal with one of the worst things associated with the beginning of term, figuring out my textbook situation and how much money I'm going to end up shelling out.

Oh well, it'll be nice doing some more learning.

6.270 be done

6.270 has come and gone now. We didn't win; in fact, we didn't come anywhere near winning. On the other hand, we did have a really good time. If it weren't for the lack of prizes and campus-wide recognition, I'd say it was better this way. That having been said, I'm more than plenty happy.

Must be a wrong number

When you're asleep or half-asleep, your mind doesn't quite work right. For instance, I had my alarm clock set for 2p today and when it went off, I decided to answer it. By answer, I mean grabbing my alarm clock, pressing snooze, holding it to my ear and saying "Hello". It must have been a wrong number because I think they hung up on me. I kept receiving calls on my alarm clock once every nine minutes until I figured out what was going on.

6.270 is nigh upon us

6.270 qualifiers and seeding rounds are today and impound is Wednesday. Our robot is very much not ready to actually compete but we only need to score a few points in order to qualify and be allowed in the actual competition. I'm confident that we can score enough points to qualify, though we will likely seed poorly (not that it really matters). After that's out of the way, it should probably take us a few an hour or so of dedicated work to get the robot competition ready (by which I mean capable of winning). We should be plenty ready in time for impound.

All in all, despite the fact that both Muth and I have pretty much taken IAP off, I am still confident that we've got this thing figured out. More 6.270 news when we're competition ready.

Overtone vs. Undertone

As stolen from Wordsmyth.

  • overtone - (often pl.) any secondary characteristic that qualifies an overall effect.
  • undertone - an underlying quality, mood, or the like.

Nope, still don't know the difference.

Funny Little Coincidence

It's 8a now; I woke up at 4a, watched Back to The Future with some of my peeps and I'm about to go back to sleep. There, that's the setting for you.

Before going back to sleep, I decided to glance at the various blogs of my various friends (ha ha, too much use of the word various). In looking at Amrys' blog. Specifically noting the new (as of now) entry, "The quotable Rodin." I followed the various links and the "'70s baby" link led to a list of the top 100 baby names of the 1970s. That's the precursory set up for you.

I'm a fan of names; they're very interesting. In fact I've recently had a bit of a fascination with names (both given and of the nickname variety), signatures and other things that manage to encapsulate the essence of a person (but that's just me waxing philosophical). Anyway, I'm looking through the list of names and I'm not terribly amused so I go back to the page above it, which has listings of the top ten names of various time periods. At this point, my curiosity is starting to wane and I decide to find out what the 72nd boy's name of 1990 is and it turns out to be Devin (Shannon for girls), which is not too thrilling. It strikes my fancy that I ought to find my name (George) on one of these lists and see where it stands; my name isn't on the 1990 list, so I start moving backwards in time (kind of like the movie I just watched, wee!). My name does show up, however, on the 1980s list (mind you, I was born in the 80s). The interesting bit is not that George shows up in the '80s list, but rather that it shows up in position 72 on the list (Stacy for girls). Fancy that little coincidence, position 72 right after I wanted to see who was 72 in the '90s.

As a side note, 72 is 2 to the 3 times 3 to the 2. I like 3.

Mystery Hunt :: Art Gallery

Right now there's this Mystery Hunt thing going on in my dorm and other MIT related places. Basically, it's this huge puzzle contest of sorts. This year, once again, I have decided not to take a hugely active role in the matter and have just taken a consulting sort of approach to the whole thing. As it stands, I have consulted on two problems both of which have been solved whilst I was helping. The first one was something involving some organic molecules and whatnot; other people did the grunt work and I helped with some of the end bits and getting the solution. The second one was this really neat symmetry/crystallography one which I got involved with when someone said, "Hey George, we have a problem that we think is crystallography, help us." Now, on this puzzle, I was there pretty much from start to finish (minus sleep and some other things) and I played a pretty pivotal role in solving all parts of it. After all, I do know my crystallography. Incidentally, we were the first team to solve the symmetry/crystallography puzzle and the organizers expect that we may be the only team that will solve it.


"1... 2... 4!"

For those of you that get the reference, I apologize; to the rest of you, I also apologize. This entry exists for two reasons, the first is to put "1... 2... 4!" somewhere else on the internet (it has already shown up in the webcomics Underverse and Ketchup Popsicle) and the second is to give you all a good example of how broken my sense of humor really is.

So here it goes: "1... 2... 4!" is my favorite joke. There is no more to the joke; what is in quotation, is all that there is. If you don't get the it, your only real option is to think about it until you figure out what makes it so funny or just give it up as not funny. There is no additional context and it is only an inside joke insofar as a few of my friends also find it humorous. Chances are pretty good that you don't get it, won't get and will just end up irritated with me. It's just kind of surrealistic that way.

And yes, I am serious, this is my favorite joke.

Feed the Tickles

Yesterday I went to PetCo and bought a whole bunch of little fish (~20) and gave them to Mister Tickles. Needless to say, amusement followed as Tickles made a task of hunting and consuming all of the feeder fish.

I am strongly considering getting another fish tank and breeding guppies or some other small fish so that I can keep Tickles in live food.